I wanted to welcome you into a weekend series that will immerse and guide you through the Yoga Sprout Practice + Method. This may be meaningful for you as a yoga teacher, parent or caregiver.

Since early adulthood I have been drawn to working with and teaching children.

There is such magic in watching a child discover the world and guiding them along the way. I began to understand there are many ways to work with, and teach children; for me, connection became very important.

For me this means building trusting relationships, listening and taking a step into their world. When we do this we realize they are teaching us, and as we learn to navigate our practice from this trusting intuitive place.

We can create meaningful lessons that bring awareness to mind, body and spirit in a way that gives our students tools to navigate this world as they grow. We also create change and awareness within. We discover we are learning as much from our students as they are from us.. and we are forever changed. 

FEBRUARY 2-3, 2019

Weekend Overview: 

During the 2 day training Sprouting a Practice we will:

  • Create a unique child centered practiced based in the 8 limbs of yoga and ancient yoga philosophies.

  • Ask ourselves deeper questions as we create this practice and learn how to meaningfully apply these philosophies to your classes, children or self

  • Learn the 4 part class method to utilize for every class you teach; a method that meets each child where they are so everyone gets the most of class. 

  • Learn how to connect intuitively with your child/students needs to create a deeper bond in class. 

  • The importance of listening and authenticity in our practice and how to use both to create meaningful classes for every student. 

  • Take with you over 50 activities, games and pose adjustments that can be used for children from infants to teens. 

This program is sprouting a practice rooted in thousands of years of yoga philosophy. We will plant seeds of positive connection to movement, self-observation and deepening that connection to the intuitive energetic source that lies within us all. We will teach children to be observers, investigators and discovers of the world and of their own being.. And we in turn get the same. 

When you teach this way you cannot help but become an authentic, playful, energetic teacher that draws students to your classes. You will notice more energy and a renewed inspiration for practice. As you grow through this program others will start noticing the difference too. When we return our natural vitality and move from an authentic place, we share that joy to those close to us. 

This program is for teachers, parents, yogis and beginners. As we go through the practice we will open up and begin to dive into that authentic sense of ourselves. 

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