Personalized . Private Mentorship to awaken your Spirit.

Crissy takes you on a journey through yoga + healing; the journey home to the place in you that is free. 

In reconnecting with the body and healing through movement she returns you to the vital creative being that is living within you. 

Sharing this journey is to inspire as she was inspired, to heal as she was healed and to share in that remembering.




Typically, we will spend 1-2 weeks diving into your story
and discovering how best to approach our time together


From there, we would share 2-4 sessions in regulation.
Working with breath, movement, meditation and conversation


We conclude with 1-2 sessions of integration.
Taking our framework into a manageable practice for your life.
Using these new tools to enhance everyday with health, vitality and joy. 

Each client relationship is completely personalized.  
Please connect so that we can explore how to best approach ours!