Are you ready for lifelong shifts in well-being?

Craving better health, vitality, and a renewed connection to your (highest or best) self?

In this 5 week series we will create space for self study using the Koshas of yoga. We will spend each week embodying a level of wellness to heal on a physical, emotional and intellectual level.

We will tap in to our deep wisdom centers through breath, meditation and discussion.

Together we will create new habits and rituals to bring more physical health, joy, and harmony to your life. 

The Koshas refer to aspects of the self and are based in ancient yoga philosophy.

We live our physical life within, and in collaboration, with these layers yet we can often feel disconnected to them or have no idea the impact that they have on our vitality.

This series offers space for self study using the Koshas of yoga.

We will spend 5 weeks diving into each layer of self and uncover new truths and release pain.

Physical body, this includes our physical body, intake, and living in the outside world.

Energy body, this includes breath, energy and focus.

Intellectual body, this includes thoughts, the storys we hold, and our habits (samskara).

Wisdom body, this includes intuition, and meditation.

Soul and Bliss body, we will enjoy the fruits of our work and learn how to live in this place more and more